4 Tips on Building Your Personal Visual Brand

Lets face it, if you’re an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Life/Health/Fitness Coach, an influencer or public facing personality in your company, the word “Personal Brand” is something you’ve probably heard a number of times and at this point it’s probably driven into your brain, and if not, by reading this you’re your way to becoming branded yourself about personal branding.

Funny, because even the idea of the Personal Brand, has a brand itself now.

The truth is, branding is conveying a strong message of a product, service, or person that people remember. Why? To ultimately drive sales and generate revenue. Brands are identities that people can refer to, go to, buy products or services from, and even live it as a lifestyle. When a brand is memorable, they are thought of when the need or desire arises.

The rise of the personal brand has been on a hockey stick curve over the recent years as digital media has become the most prominent media out there now. Entrepreneurs are being born every second. Platforms to become visible to the public have made it easy to deliver to your audience. The problem is, it’s become so noisy you need to elevate and stand out amongst all the digital noise out there. Especially if you’re vision is to create a aspirational, elevated, impact in the world.

When you think of the brands that you love and aspire to, what commonalities do they have? Which personalities out there do you connect with, especially when looking through magazines? Who do you look up to out there that’s doing what you want to do?

Brands that you love work hard behind the scenes to create the perception that you see in all their touch points consistently and build trust with you, especially when what they portray is authentic to who they are.

Let’s face it, we’re in a visual world now with the growth of Social Media and the online world. Branding is subconscious, something you don’t think about consciously when you interact with a brand. The beautiful thing is that you have the opportunity to create the perception that people take in when they experience you and your brand.

The ones doing it well are the ones who create an elevated yet relatable image that they put out there.

How do they do it you ask?

I’ve spent the last 12 years photographing brand campaigns for some of the biggest global brands like Nike, Reebok, Coca-Cola, etc. I’ve photographed other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Usher, Jessica Alba and more. Magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Conde Nast Traveler, etc. have hired me to build their editorial imagery.

From working and still working with brands like this, I’ve distilled these concepts that theses mega-brands use and have translated them to apply to your personal brand.

Formula 1: Knowing Yourself
Get clear on who you are and what story you want to tell your audience through your visuals. Getting clear on these things, will help you tell your story in all the visuals you create for your brand authentically with congruence. It will also help create the messaging you utilize to accompany your visuals on social media and your other brand touch points.

Formula 2: Finding Your Personal Brand Photographers
Finding the right photographer that resonates with your brand aesthetic is key. Look through many portfolios and ask the right questions. Find the photographer that will bring out the best in you and tell your story.

Formula 3: Anchor Image Method™
Consistency and repetition across your different brand touch points play a primary role in creating an unforgettable brand. If you think about brands like Coca-Cola, they use the same campaign imagery across their website, social media, in store displays etc. The more you see them, the more their brand gets “branded” in your mind. Using a congruent set of images across your brand touch points will do the same.

Formula 4: Elevated Realism
Brand images that walk the line between being relatable and aspirational connect your audience with you without being too stand offish. Elevated Realism is the style that I created from lifestyle branding for the mega-brands.

These are just a brief description of what I outline in my new eBook, 4 Formulas to create an Unforgettable Visual Brand, accompanied with correlating visuals, which you can download for FREE here: http://nickonken.me/personalbrand

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